Meaning of find its level in English:

find its level

(also find its own level)


  • 1(of a liquid) reach the same height in containers which are interconnected.

    ‘water in the pipes finds its own level’
    • ‘This is a gentle, natural process, like water finding its own level when poured on the ground.’
    • ‘After about 5-10 minutes the water has found its level and the gates can easily be opened.’
    • ‘Long before an infant understands that milk finds its own level he or she learns to up-end the bottle to feed.’
    • ‘We all realise that water finds its own level and if there is a leak it will move on to the next weakest spot.’
    • ‘Like water finding its level, information seeps through the tiniest cracks to those seeking it.’
    • ‘In this manner, the water element of the body finds its level in the seat, groin and feet.’
    • ‘Once the coolant found its level the car ran fine.’
    • ‘Water automatically finds its level; you could say that it longs for it; looks for it; runs to it.’
    • ‘In a similar fashion to water finding its own level, cold air behaves in similar ways.’
    • ‘Water finds its own level - it's all about gravity.’
    1. 1.1Reach a stable level, value, or position without interference.
      ‘she believed it was better to leave the currency to find its own level’
      • ‘The currency was allowed to find its own level and deflation, not inflation, was identified as the major enemy.’
      • ‘One good thing about market forces is that every institution or sector finds its own level.’
      • ‘Like anything, a new upheaval just finds its level.’
      • ‘The market's going to find its own level without being influenced.’
      • ‘The view that everything would find its own level in the commercial jungle was automatically accepted.’
      • ‘Regardless of whether the currency's strength is sustainable or not, what is seriously needed is for it to find its level and to stabilise.’
      • ‘The rupee will find its level.’
      • ‘Far better, he says, to gradually withdraw subsidies and let farming find its own level in the market place.’
      • ‘The national market was finding its own level without any dramatic fluctuation.’
      • ‘A floating exchange rate is one that is allowed to find its own level according to the forces of supply and demand.’