Meaning of finders keepers in English:

finders keepers


(also finders keepers losers weepers)
  • Used, often humorously, to assert that whoever finds something by chance is entitled to keep it.

    • ‘‘There is no such thing as finders keepers,’ he said.’
    • ‘Well, too bad for them, ‘cause it's finders keepers!’’
    • ‘In those famous childish words, ‘finders keepers’!’
    • ‘It was full of blank pages so I figured I'd use it to write poems or sketch or something (finders keepers).’
    • ‘‘Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘finders keepers’?’’
    • ‘Since these isles are not in their jurisdiction, it means ‘finders keepers’ to any existing treasure, if any.’
    • ‘I don't know what the etiquette is on dead wine at adjacent tables (I am tempted to suggest some variant of ‘finders keepers’), but I know what the etiquette is on waiting tables.’
    • ‘He says that he has discovered the whereabouts of the big ship, floating in Arctic waters, within close proximity of rocky outcrops in an area of sea where the international law of ‘finders keepers’ operates.’
    • ‘In other situations, the applicable rule is ‘finders keepers.’’
    • ‘Because once you've stolen something, it becomes your property, finders keepers.’