Meaning of finding in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪndɪŋ/

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  • 1mass noun The action of finding someone or something.

    ‘a local doctor reported the finding of numerous dead rats’
    • ‘Soldiers who reached an isolated village in Aurora province reported finding about 100 dead.’
    • ‘Not all of those considered at risk were alerted to the anthrax connection at the same time, some finding out through media reports up to four days later.’
    • ‘She immediately reported her finding to a supermarket security guard.’
    • ‘And she said there were numerous ways of finding out what is open and what events are happening over the Easter period.’
    • ‘Officers reported finding decaying milk on the nozzle of a fresh milk machine which could have caused salmonella poisoning.’
    • ‘They all got up and started feeling the walls, looking around, each secretly afraid of finding more dead bodies.’
    • ‘And we knew that we weren't finding them all, and we assumed the ones we weren't finding were either dead or healthy.’
    • ‘He was afraid of waking up in the morning and finding that Jessie was dead.’
    • ‘Dealers already reported difficulty finding soybean seed in some areas in mid-January.’
    • ‘The women reported difficulties in finding safe, adequate and affordable housing.’
    • ‘He reported finding chemical poisoning in both victims of flu and of WMDs.’
    • ‘One friend told his family the Italians had talked of finding two English soldiers dead on a mountainside.’
    • ‘Several reported finding what appeared to be several different movies on sale for one or two bucks a copy.’
    • ‘There are numerous government agencies with the job of finding these illegal companies but their job is difficult.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I had trouble finding good evidence to support it!’
    • ‘On the last day I took my earliest start launching at 9:34 and finding good lift.’
    • ‘They each had a partner (often, not always) to double their odds of finding good lift quickly.’
    • ‘Geraldine remembers being completely shattered by the experience and finding solace only in books.’
    • ‘The economy remains in a bad way, but Japanese are finding solace in coffee.’
    • ‘Finding alternative space for landfill is now a priority, according to acting county manager Peter Carey.’
    discovery, location, locating, detection, detecting, uncovering, unearthing
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  • 2often findingsInformation discovered as the result of an inquiry or investigation.

    ‘the researchers' findings were published in Nature’
    • ‘The Inquiry will publish the findings from the survey on its website in August.’
    • ‘Several investment institutions are pressing it to publish the finding of its inquiry.’
    • ‘Information on findings must be shared with the international academic community.’
    • ‘We call for the findings of the investigation to be made publicly available.’
    • ‘We based our findings not on our investigations but on the submissions we received.’
    • ‘The findings of the investigation are expected by the end of this year.’
    • ‘Would they have to maintain copious records of their investigations and findings?’
    • ‘The most significant finding in his draft report was the special ‘tool marks’ on a shell casing found at the scene.’
    • ‘Detail about the extent to which professions restrict the numbers joining their ranks is another striking finding of the report.’
    • ‘To our knowledge, this finding has not been reported in the literature.’
    • ‘One noteworthy finding revolves around reported feelings of fatigue.’
    • ‘This main finding has been briefly reported in a recent letter publication.’
    • ‘The most important finding in the reports is that we have service groups that try their hardest and do their best.’
    • ‘Doctors believe that this finding could lead to a new diagnostic tool for those that suffer from the disease and allow for early treatment.’
    • ‘Previous research findings are consistent with this theorizing.’
    • ‘They found that their model could explain previous experimental findings confirming its validity.’
    • ‘We now summarize the key findings from these studies.’
    • ‘World leaders in sickle cell research will present new research findings at the meeting.’
    • ‘In this regard, present findings are consistent with expectations.’
    • ‘The latest scientific findings indicate this is the case.’
    conclusion, inference, supposition, hypothesis, thesis, assumption, presumption, suspicion, conviction, belief
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    1. 2.1Law A verdict or decision made by a judge or jury.
      ‘The judge made a finding that the appellant was negligent because he threw a ball for his dog close to where the respondent was standing.’
      • ‘Before we come to the words used, I set out the judge's findings on malice.’
      • ‘Does it do no more than permit but not require a finding of negligence?’
      • ‘We do not however make any other finding of misconduct against the police in this case.’
      • ‘In that case the hearing had continued, resulting in a finding of serious professional misconduct.’
      conclusion, result
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  • 3findingsNorth American Small articles or tools used in making garments, shoes, or jewellery.