Meaning of fine-spun in English:



  • (especially of fabric) fine or delicate in texture.

    ‘D' Auvergne had ended the argument by buying some fine-spun linen and demanding that Jeanette make it into something suitable.’
    • ‘His near contemporary, the shy and upright Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule that allowed Britain to corner the market in fine-spun cottons.’
    • ‘During these meetings he was breathtakingly handsome with his hair like true fine-spun gold.’
    • ‘He held the fine-spun silk of a tunic which seemed to have been inspired by the ethereal togas of the goddesses in Greek art.’
    • ‘The fabric was so fine-spun it threatened to catch and tear on the fingers holding it, so light it could have flown away at any moment.’