Meaning of fine leg in English:

fine leg


  • 1Cricket
    A fielding position behind the batter on the leg side, between long leg and square leg.

    ‘But the first indication of the manner in which he rattled the Pakistanis came when they sent four fielders, stationed at fine leg, square leg, long-on and long-off, to the ropes.’
    • ‘Rudolph had moved on to 96 when some good fielding at short fine leg found him slipping as he tried to recover his ground, only to be run out four short of the hundred.’
    • ‘In India, off his hips, thighs and toes, to square or fine leg, he flicked with the best of them.’
    • ‘The last ball of the game saw Downton on strike needing two to win, he played the ball to fine leg where it was fielded by Paul Wilson.’
    • ‘Lesser mortals play the same ball to fine leg and the only other batsman who I think could have played a shot of such genius is our own Gundappa Vishwanath - on one of his better days.’
    1. 1.1A fielder at fine leg.
      ‘Swing he did but only as high down to fine leg, where Dilley, glancing down swiftly to make sure his feet were firmly inside the boundary line, judged a difficult catch to perfection.’
      • ‘A great catch at short fine leg saw the end of Bodi having scored 47 off 43 balls to leave the Titans 18 runs short of the win.’
      • ‘The increasingly desperate Gillespie chucks in a bouncer, but it sits up nicely, allowing Trescothick to swat it to fine leg for four.’
      • ‘Then he flips the next ball away to fine leg for four more.’
      • ‘Younis tickled it past the man at short fine leg, and the ball rolled to the advertising hoardings.’