Meaning of fine structure in English:

fine structure


mass noun
  • 1The composition of an object, substance, or energy phenomenon as viewed on a small scale and in considerable detail.

    ‘It has been suggested that fractals share the following features: fine structure, i.e. detail at arbitrarily small scales; great irregularity; and self similarity i.e. similar forms are repeated at various scales.’
    • ‘With the very rapid advances in equipment, and particularly in computer technology, our knowledge of the details of the fine structure and workings of the Earth's interior has improved greatly since the 1980s.’
    • ‘These definitions are that a fractal structure has a fine structure, is too irregular to be precisely described with Euclidean geometry, exhibits self-similarity.’
    • ‘The term microstructure is used to characterize the fine structure of the skeletal material of which various skeletal macrostructures are constructed.’
    • ‘The woman leaned further forward onto the dressing table, examining her young features and the fine structure of bones beneath her skin.’
    • ‘Our goal was to make indentation testing of soft biological tissues both more reproducible and also capable of evaluating the effects of changes in fine structure on tissue stiffness - both mean values and site-to-site variability.’
    • ‘Such tools allow the biologist to sharply image fine structure, but only from a narrow depth of field in each image.’
    • ‘This can be exemplified by contributions made using electron microscopy to study fine structure of plant cells responding to stress from oxygen shortage.’
    • ‘Further advances in theory, technique, and instrumentation have led to the development of electron microscopes that are used to examine the fine structure of biological samples.’
    1. 1.1Physics The presence of groups of closely spaced lines in spectra corresponding to slightly different energy levels.
      ‘This fine structure is clearly manifested in the PE spectra.’
      • ‘A tailored diffuser that spreads the flux over a small range of angles can remove fine structure.’
      • ‘No fine structure is seen along the circumference of reflections.’
      • ‘It is in the fine structure of the microwave sky that cosmologists hope to find the answers to many outstanding questions.’