Meaning of finger-wagging in English:



mass noun
  • The action of reprimanding or warning someone.

    ‘you’ve received your share of finger-wagging from those ranting about how rude today’s kids are’
    • ‘a finger-wagging speech’
    • ‘The Supreme Court justice not taking too kindly to some verbal finger-wagging from the President.’
    • ‘Mr. McCormack said the meeting with the ambassador was not a "finger wagging" session.’
    • ‘The British government is peculiarly unable to resist such finger-wagging.’
    • ‘Mr Duncan Smith denied the report was adopting a " finger-wagging approach ".’
    • ‘Stories on hot-button topics like recreational drug use or sexually transmitted diseases would be written without an alarmist or finger-wagging tone.’
    • ‘He warns us against dogmatic, finger - wagging religion in a dogmatic, finger-wagging way.’
    • ‘In 20 years the huge hand-clapping anthems have changed into being quieter, finger-wagging, with more questions than answers.’
    • ‘Harvey, being the oldest member of our team, is given to much finger-wagging warnings.’
    • ‘Asking a student to weigh what swearing or deliberate indifference says about his or her character accomplishes more than moralistic finger-wagging.’
    • ‘Many Australians considered Ranatunga's finger-wagging to be deeply offensive.’
    • ‘The two have a finger-wagging exchange, possibly about whether this program is better than that one.’
    • ‘There will be no finger-wagging or guilty feelings to rectify with a New Year's resolution.’
    • ‘Away from the gazes of finger-wagging critics, the fashion chain reported a 32 % rise in interim profits to £ 55m.’
    • ‘The finger-wagging from the sidelines doesn't help the debate that much.’
    • ‘Finger wagging is something that I do just automatically.’
    • ‘It is vital to offer them these services without finger-wagging.’
    • ‘Mr Rob stood and made his way to their cell door, reaching through the bars he looked at Jill, his fingers wagging.’
    • ‘But the complex set of circumstances I discovered cannot be explained by finger-wagging demands for a scapegoat.’
    • ‘Let's have a bit of intelligent dialogue on this, not this finger wagging, contract making nonsense.’
    • ‘Ethics is about what is appropriate conduct and not just about right and wrong in the finger-wagging moral sense.’