Meaning of finger cymbal in English:

finger cymbal


  • A small cymbal that can be attached to a finger or thumb, worn in pairs that are struck together to provide a rhythmic accompaniment to dancing.

    ‘we did a dance with finger cymbals’
    • ‘They're joined by an array of more surprising instruments such as finger cymbals.’
    • ‘I was disappointed we didn't get to use my newly purchased finger cymbals.’
    • ‘Between the finger cymbals, the swirly skirts, and the technique, there's every reason in the world to try belly dancing.’
    • ‘Turkish dancers are known for their energetic, athletic — even gymnastic — style, and their adept use of finger cymbals.’
    • ‘Hand drums, finger cymbals, and seed rattles carry on the theme, along with a wandering melody.’
    • ‘Two of the boys begin to provide a steady beat of music, one with a small drum, the other with a small pair of brass finger cymbals.’
    • ‘Middle Eastern music begins, and the dancers keep rhythm with their finger cymbals.’
    • ‘I was surrounded by bolts of sequined material, coin belts, and finger cymbals.’
    • ‘The vocalist led the ensemble, setting tempos with his clanging finger cymbals.’
    • ‘The growing drumbeat is accompanied by finger cymbals and ancient Indian chants.’