Meaning of finger hole in English:

finger hole


  • 1A hole in a wind instrument that may be covered or left open to change pitch when playing.

    ‘the instrument has seven finger holes’
    • ‘A recorder is a wind instrument characterized by a tube-like shape, a whistle mouthpiece, and eight finger holes.’
    • ‘A few of the horns actually had finger holes cut in them in order to play tunes on them.’
    • ‘There are no finger holes like those on a modern reed instrument, and the range of notes runs only to about four or five.’
    • ‘The player can manipulate the size of the air column by covering or uncovering the finger holes.’
    • ‘On the early recorders the lowest fingerhole was duplicated, so that players could place either hand uppermost and still reach the lowest hole with the little finger.’
    • ‘She is looking for a new reed for her chanter, a pipe with finger holes that the musician uses to produce the melody.’
    • ‘This wind instrument is similar to the clarinet, and has between six and nine finger holes.’
    • ‘The fingerhole on each pipe does not affect pitch, but when it is closed the airstream forces the respective reed to vibrate.’
    • ‘With woodwinds, the tuning of individual notes is established by the position and diameter of each fingerhole.’
    • ‘These instruments are always end blown and have a variable number of finger holes, from none to six.’
  • 2An opening through which a person puts their fingers, especially to improve grip.

    ‘an umbrella that has a handle with finger holes’
    • ‘The finger holes in the scissors were too small for comfortable use by adult fingers.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues found that rag paper in bound volumes weakens more quickly than does rag paper loosely stored in boxes punctured by finger holes.’
    • ‘Find a bowling ball where the finger holes allow you to get in to the knuckle easily, but isn't so loose that the ball slips off your hand.’
    • ‘A finger hole makes the insert easy to remove.’
    • ‘Today we'll shape the middle divider for the bottle holder, and then continue from there to create some finger holes for easier carrying.’
    • ‘Now your fingers are locked securely in the finger holes and will not slip out while you are swinging on the bars.’
    • ‘This umbrella has a soft and ergonomic finger hole grip which makes use of all four fingers to keep steady.’
    • ‘These slot machines are very well designed, with a large finger-hole at the bottom which makes it easy to straighten out coin jams.’
    • ‘Finger holes in each table base allow for easy access to lift out and rotate each tile.’
    • ‘Each finger hole is lined with rubber material to provide comfort and flexibility.’