Meaning of fingered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪŋɡəd/


  • 1in combination Having or using a finger or fingers of a specified kind.

    ‘her long-fingered hands’
    • ‘Imagine what sort of pianist a twelve-fingered person would be.’
    • ‘Maybe I'm a delusional fantasist who right now is wearing three-fingered white gloves.’
    • ‘He brought subtle pianistic colors and fleet-fingered panache to Debussy's magnum chamber opus.’
    • ‘Or is it dawn, as Homer described it, rosy fingered?’
    • ‘Our light-fingered fig climber commits acts of larceny while the crumb-laden colossus eats his weight in skunk soup and then falls into narcolepsy.’
    • ‘Green-fingered gardening and DIY freaks can choose from power tools, workbenches, garden vacs, and shredders.’
    • ‘It was now a tangle of grasping arms, each with a single yellow bloodshot eye on a seven-fingered palm and upwards of eight leathery bat wings.’
    • ‘Her right arm had got into the swing of things and was making her stubby-fingered little hand contort into delicate fanning movements around her face.’
    • ‘It wouldn't surprise me if she kept the mixture handy to clean up after visits from those sticky-fingered grandchildren (of which I was one).’
    • ‘We kept a wary eye out for the giant who could squash all of our cream puffs with one blunt-fingered poke.’
  • 2(of written music) marked with figures showing what finger is to be used for producing each note.

    ‘Understanding that the violinist would have difficulty with the fingered octaves, he incorporated the anticipated problem into his own part.’
    • ‘One of the most difficult passages for the violin in the first movement is a melodic minor one-octave scale in fingered octaves.’
    • ‘Verily I say unto thee, practiseth your fingered octaves on ye violin and ye shall always have loads of work, even unto the end of the world.’
    • ‘The principles of keyboard fingering are explained next with the aid of an extensively fingered composition.’
    • ‘You may also find fingered sheet music on our website.’