Meaning of fingermark in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪŋɡəmɑːk/

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  • A mark left on a surface by a dirty or greasy finger.

    ‘this cleaner takes fingermarks and smudges off painted woodwork’
    • ‘As you did so, you noticed that one of them, the top one, had a dirty fingermark in the corner.’
    • ‘The coroner says ‘No, but there are impressions here like fingermarks.’’
    • ‘He clasped his thighs, trembling, and Sandrine was sure there would be bruises under those fingermarks tomorrow.’
    • ‘The artist left deep fingermarks on the rims of some bowls, traces of where he lifted or deformed the ‘finished’ product.’
    • ‘I'd be scared to even touch a guitar that cost that much in case I left even a fingermark on it, let alone scratched it.’
    • ‘‘With this Mr Amos hit my brother so hard across the face his fingermarks were left on his face, and then he sat down and ate my brother's breakfast, saying ‘nothing more for this boy today from any of you’, meaning the kitchen staff.’’
    • ‘Archaeologists excavating the site of a major Roman temple in London have found a sealed box containing a white cream still bearing the fingermarks of the person who last used it, nearly 2,000 years ago.’
    • ‘Faulds became fascinated with the fingermarks he found preserved at an archaeological dig in Tokyo.’
    • ‘The ready-to-use dressings and partially used jars of ointment, with fingermarks showing where scoops of salve had been removed, indicate that the surgeon was standing by for action, if not already engaged, when the Mary Rose sank.’
    • ‘There were fingermarks on the pelican's neck where it was held very tightly while someone hit it with something heavy.’
    • ‘Erin found herself gripping Jesse hard enough to leave fingermarks.’
    • ‘She rubbed at the silvery triangle left by her fingermarks with her sleeve.’
    • ‘The sound reverberated around the room, and her fingermarks stood out in the red imposed on her brother's cheek.’
    imperfection, fault, flaw, defect, deformity, discoloration, disfigurement