Meaning of finite state grammar in English:

finite state grammar


mass nounLinguistics
  • A deliberately oversimplified form of generative grammar, which generates sentences by working through word by word in a strictly linear fashion. It was used by Chomsky to illustrate the need for more complex features, such as transformations, to account adequately for real language.

    ‘The ‘finite state grammar’ language contains the two sentences and the ‘phrase structure grammar’ language contains the two sentences’
    • ‘Thirty undergraduate students from the University of New South Wales were exposed to letter strings generated from a finite state grammar and then rated strings in liking and recognition tests.’
    • ‘Participants are exposed to a series of consonant strings generated by a finite state grammar.’
    • ‘‘That shows that without training, they've been able to figure out a rule at the finite state grammar level - they've been able to sense that pattern,’ said Fitch.’
    • ‘The idea is to write two finite state grammars: one ‘broad’ and the other ‘narrow’.’