Meaning of fire-bellied toad in English:

fire-bellied toad


  • A warty European aquatic toad, the underside of which is vividly marked in red, orange, yellow, black, and white.

    Genus Bombina, family Discoglossidae: in particular B. bombina

    ‘In large, permanent bodies of water in the lowlands of eastern Europe, for example, lives Bombina bombina, the European fire-bellied toad, so called because of the red splotches on its belly.’
    • ‘Fire-bellied toads are enjoyable for both novice and expert amphibian hobbyists to keep.’
    • ‘The Fire Bellied Toad is one of the most widely kept species of toad.’
    • ‘Despite the remarkably vivid coloring of its underbelly, the fire-bellied toad merges perfectly with its surroundings’
    • ‘Fire-bellied toads make attractive, undemanding, lively, long-lived pets – but they are a species that should be kept only with other fire-bellies.’