Meaning of fire-resistant in English:


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  • (especially of a fabric) treated so as to be non-flammable.

    ‘homes built with fire-resistant materials’
    • ‘Prior to lighting the burner, ensure the stand is placed on a fire-resistant surface.’
    • ‘Flames burned straight through the outer covering, which should have been fire-resistant.’
    • ‘The kitchen's specially reinforced fire-resistant ceiling stopped the flames reaching the nine hotel rooms above.’
    • ‘Homeowners should replace wooden siding and roofs with fire-resistant materials.’
    • ‘By late Friday afternoon, the blaze raged toward a residential five-mile canyon as firefighters frantically sprayed fire-resistant gel on houses there.’
    • ‘Oxygen won't burn, but pressurized pure oxygen makes even fire-resistant material burn furiously.’
    • ‘Fire doors are specially manufactured doors with fire-resistant characteristics.’
    • ‘As a naturally fire-resistant material, brick has been used for thousands of years in fireplace and fireplace hearth construction.’
    • ‘Laminated safety glass or fire-resistant plastics are mandatory for the fire windows.’
    • ‘Asbestos was once widely used for insulation and other applications because of its light, fine, fire-resistant fibers.’
    • ‘Other proactive options such as installing fire-resistant roofing should be investigated now.’
    • ‘The roof is made of corrugated Corten steel - a contemporary, fire-resistant material that oxidizes to a rusty orange appearance.’
    • ‘Straw encased in an earthen shell makes for a cozy insulator, and studies show that it's more fire-resistant than timber.’
    • ‘The gold-colored shirts, trousers, and jackets were made of a special fire-resistant fabric.’
    • ‘The best precaution you can take in a fire-prone area is to make your roof fire-resistant.’
    • ‘Make hard copies of files or records that are unique or irreplaceable, and protect them in an offsite, fire-resistant storage location.’
    • ‘The cage is made of horizontal and vertical steel ribs that are covered by a flexible insulated skin of reinforced fibre plastic with special fire-resistant properties.’
    • ‘The company distributes water- and fire-resistant products to the construction industry in Florida and some parts of Alabama.’
    • ‘She also carries a backpack with a fire shelter (a fire-resistant tent) that she can unfold and crawl into in case of emergency.’
    • ‘The store-room itself should aim to provide four-hour fire-resistant walls, ceiling, doors and windows.’
    non-flammable, non-inflammable, flame-resistant, fire-resistant, flame-retardant, incombustible, uninflammable, unburnable