Meaning of fire-walker in English:



See fire-walking

‘The fire-walkers, confidant that they could walk a long bed of coals, were seen to all hop off in alarm, either when their supernatural powers ran out, or when the simple physics of the matter caught up with their delusions.’
  • ‘When strong antipathy or a kind of trivialisation is being expressed it is invariably by members of the medical profession who seek to explain the empirical fact that the fire-walkers feel no pain, and their feet show no blisters.’
  • ‘If the fire-walkers ' efforts mean that the forest has now gone back to its source, the earth, just like the bull's blood, obviously it shows an involvement in the notion of cyclic progression.’
  • ‘The suggestion can be supported by reference to the fire-walkers ' own commentaries.’
  • ‘A professional fire-walker apparently told a bare naked lie when he said that he was providing ‘a safe and spiritual experience where you walk through your past to arrive at your future.’’