Meaning of fire chief in English:

fire chief

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  • 1A person in charge of a group of firefighters.

    ‘fire chiefs monitored firefighters from outside a burning building’
    • ‘When fire chiefs arrived at the scene they radioed the mayor.’
    • ‘The fire chief and his deputy had reached the pier seconds before the detonation.’
    • ‘There was panic on the radios and we heard that several fire chiefs had been killed when the command post was taken out.’
    • ‘Fire chiefs gave warning that the new fires could burn all the way from San Diego to the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Around 10 per cent of the fire station's incidents are hoaxes and fire chiefs say they have been making an effort to reduce this number.’
    • ‘Fire chiefs initially believed the fire had caused severe structural damage to the building and its opening in a year's time is still in doubt.’
    • ‘Fire chiefs are so concerned about soaring arson attacks that a special youth worker is being recruited to tackle the problem.’
    • ‘He had his fire chief barking orders and moving the ladder to rescue the little boy.’
    • ‘Fire chiefs today warned that the blaze could have resulted in death after fire crews were delayed because they were tackling a deliberate fire at the other side of town.’
    • ‘As the blaze raged on fire chiefs decided it was too dangerous to tackle directly.’
    1. 1.1North American The person in charge of a fire department.
      ‘the mayor, the fire chief, and the accountants have moved to occupy office space across the street’
      • ‘The film stars Tom Skerrit as the fire chief in a political battle with the mayor.’
      • ‘Mayors and fire chiefs have been known to attend the grand opening.’
      • ‘The level of detail asked for by the fire chiefs may be difficult to include, he added, because the ordinances address many issues, not just fire prevention.’
      • ‘If you happen to know the local fire chief or other notable civic leaders, drop their names, too.’
      • ‘As routine as the emergency service teams' actions might seem, they are planned out weeks in advance by local fire chiefs.’
      • ‘The program requires private businesses to pay for off-duty firefighters who stand guard at events that fire chiefs deem potential hazards.’
      • ‘Fire chiefs will meet council environment and highways workers and councillors in a bid to make the area safe.’
      • ‘A council spokeswoman said that council officials would meet police and fire chiefs over the coming weeks to discuss safety arrangements.’
      • ‘The mayor and fire chief could not be reached for comment yesterday.’
      • ‘He said the board would also have to increase staffing at night by one person to give the fire chief the degree of security he needed.’