Meaning of fire cover in English:

fire cover


mass noun
  • Rescue and support available to an area in the event of a fire occurring.

    ‘a cut in local fire cover’
    • ‘The Senior Service has been given the task of providing fire cover in the north of the county.’
    • ‘Local authorities have introduced savage cuts to fire cover.’
    • ‘A shake up of fire cover was agreed three years ago as an "improvement to public safety".’
    • ‘Fire chiefs are worried about the lack of time they will have to carry out a major review of the way fire cover is provided across the district.’
    • ‘Prank calls mean that fire cover is reduced in other areas, potentially putting the lives of innocent people at risk.’
    • ‘The town was left with no fire cover for hours when drunken yobs pelting crews with stones tied up the town's pumps.’
    • ‘Any reduction in emergency fire cover in the area can only result in a poorer service for the public.’
    • ‘There could be fewer firefighters, fewer appliances, and less fire cover than the public expect.’
    • ‘We are still able to attend incidents across the capital and the fire cover we're providing at the Olympic venues has not been affected.’
    • ‘The plans also include upgrading it from a volunteer station to a retained unit to enhance fire cover.’