Meaning of fire extinguisher in English:

fire extinguisher

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  • A portable device that discharges a jet of water, foam, gas, or other material to extinguish a fire.

    ‘I do not remember if there was a fire extinguisher near the machine controls.’
    • ‘One of the radiomen grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher, gaining control of the situation within moments.’
    • ‘Your mother quickly took the fire extinguisher and sprayed the flames until it looked like they were out.’
    • ‘Put a fire extinguisher in a visible kitchen location, away from cooking equipment.’
    • ‘A fire extinguisher is best bolted to the inside of the cabin, again within easy reach, but not in the way of your movement in and out.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, a group of children broke in by smashing a window and then set off the fire extinguisher, leaving the floor covered in foam.’
    • ‘Extinguish a fire with an approved fire extinguisher only from a point of safety.’
    • ‘He found the fire extinguisher a few feet from the door and sprayed foam on the base of the flames to put them out.’
    • ‘He grabbed a fire extinguisher from his utility room and battled to extinguish the flames.’
    • ‘She tapped the case that held the fire extinguisher.’
    • ‘Susan finally notices her stove is on fire and grabs the fire extinguisher.’
    • ‘Glancing around her, she settled her gaze on a fire extinguisher mounted on one of the higher kitchen cabinets.’
    • ‘A taxi driver came up with a fire extinguisher but couldn't get past the front door because of the force of the flames.’
    • ‘Beth jumped to action and scrambled for the fire extinguisher on top of the fridge.’
    • ‘Before the rescue, Victor had also tried to beat back the flames with a fire extinguisher from his own vehicle, which was also involved in the pile-up.’
    • ‘Monetary costs of the damage are limited to replacing a missing fire extinguisher and overtime custodial pay.’
    • ‘It took three days to clean up the damage, which included a mess from a chemical fire extinguisher that had been sprayed over the walls and floors.’
    • ‘All tow and retrieve cars needs to have a fire extinguisher.’
    • ‘Every house should have a multipurpose fire extinguisher on each floor.’
    • ‘The suspicious white powder that sparked a chemical scare and almost ruined a Hampshire couple's big day is believed to be from a fire extinguisher.’


fire extinguisher

/ˈfʌɪər ɪkˌstɪŋɡwɪʃə/ /ˈfʌɪər ɛkˌstɪŋɡwɪʃə/