Meaning of fire hazard in English:

fire hazard


  • A material, substance, or action that increases the likelihood of an accidental fire occurring.

    ‘the large number of dead trees poses a fire hazard’
    • ‘smoking in toilets is a fire hazard’
    • ‘Grazing reduces the fire hazard from tall grass.’
    • ‘Climbing fern can worsen the fire hazard in whatever ecosystem it invades.’
    • ‘At that time, no one guessed that the invasive species would one day displace native plants and animals, dry up wetlands, and create a fire hazard.’
    • ‘The fire department has been distributing free smoke detectors to all the houses on the block today and offering to check homes for signs of fire hazards.’
    • ‘"Some of these adapters have exhibited signs of overheating and may pose a fire hazard," says the company.’
    • ‘Forests planted with thousands of trees per acre became overcrowded fire hazards.’
    • ‘This debris is a fire hazard in and of itself.’
    • ‘Don't allow yard debris to accumulate, including grass clippings, tree limbs, and other materials that might dry out and become a fire hazard.’
    • ‘He has had a simmering dispute with fire officials since October, when inspectors condemned his shoe store as a fire hazard.’
    • ‘The area is popular with campers, adding to the potential fire hazards.’