Meaning of fire in one's belly in English:

fire in one's belly


(also fire in the belly)
  • A powerful sense of ambition or determination.

    ‘he lacks the fire in his belly necessary to seek the presidency’
    • ‘It gives me more determination and a bit of fire in my belly to prove people wrong.’
    • ‘He is like a prizefighter determined to show that there is still some fire in his belly.’
    • ‘If you have a real fire in your belly about an idea, then you need to carry it through’.’
    • ‘It's an attitude, a presence, a fire in your belly.’
    • ‘It's enough if you have the attitude and the fire in your belly.’
    • ‘Kilkeel played with fire in their belly and deserved their point.’
    • ‘I felt the union needed someone with fire in their belly but even then there were guys warning me that in backing him I would rue the day.’
    • ‘That's I think enough for me; I don't know that I have the fire in my belly to try to launch another one and go through the whole thing that happens when you do that.’
    • ‘Matt from Winnipeg told me, ‘They've put the fire in my belly to fight this for the rest of my life.’’
    • ‘The 2003 Jobs with Justice Annual Meeting has left me with a fire in my belly.’