Meaning of fire on all cylinders in English:

fire on all cylinders


  • Work or function at a peak level of performance.

    ‘neither conductor nor orchestra are really firing on all cylinders’
    • ‘On a technical level, Scorsese is firing on all cylinders, but emotionally the film is a bit distant.’
    • ‘Records are there to be broken and Celtic are firing on all cylinders just now.’
    • ‘Last night was a great example of a band firing on all cylinders and while we don't think the new record quite survived the transition to a big label intact, live at least, every song is a killer.’
    • ‘I feel as if I'm still three or four weeks away (from match fitness), I just feel as if I'm not firing on all cylinders.’
    • ‘But I hope to back firing on all cylinders from the middle of January, 2004.’
    • ‘They say, except for jobs creation, the economy was firing on all cylinders from July through September.’
    • ‘The Clan came out firing on all cylinders in the first game.’
    • ‘England have oozed that sort of confidence throughout this current campaign, and have carried on winning even when not firing on all cylinders.’
    • ‘Liverpool were still not firing on all cylinders, but were looking good enough to get the win and, at this stage of the season, that's all that matters.’
    • ‘The forward line needs to be firing on all cylinders, and the team's penalty corner drill needs to be imaginative and forceful.’