Meaning of fire regulation in English:

fire regulation


usually fire regulations
  • A legal requirement intended to ensure safety in case of accidental fire occurring.

    ‘you will have to comply with fire regulations at every point in the construction of your conversion’
    • ‘He wanted to simulate an entire forest within this room but was limited by city fire regulations.’
    • ‘The important steel structure could only be left exposed by arguing for a relaxation of the fire regulations.’
    • ‘The paper pointed out that fire regulations insist on sprinkler systems in similar premises owned by private companies.’
    • ‘By not complying with fire regulations, they expose tourists and locals to increased risk of damage or death by fire.’
    • ‘Building and fire regulation plans must be submitted to the Local Authority Building Control department.’
    • ‘The hotel owner will have to pay out more than £8,000 for breaking key fire regulations that could have cost the lives of his clients, after a blaze at the hotel in 2002.’
    • ‘The box office staff apologised profusely, saying there weren't enough seats, and fire regulations prevented them from over-filling the theatre.’
    • ‘The report concluded that the crèche could not meet fire regulations in its current state.’
    • ‘I have been told that placing the product dispensers in the hallways is against state fire regulations.’
    • ‘It would cost up to €4 million to refurbish the military barracks to a standard necessary to meet fire regulations.’