Meaning of fire risk in English:

fire risk


  • A material, substance, or action that increases the likelihood of an accidental fire occurring.

    ‘electric wiring is a potential fire risk’
    • ‘additional safety features reduce fire risk’
    • ‘The tech company recalled up to 27,000 batteries that are suspected of being a fire risk.’
    • ‘Our main goal was to keep the aesthetic values of the forest, while decreasing the fire risk.’
    • ‘We have less random camping as people are using the campsites, which lowers the fire risk and other damage.’
    • ‘Evidence for bath-house structures is frequently found as they were usually constructed in stone to minimize fire risk.’
    • ‘They could only afford to live in wooden houses which were a serious fire risk in a hot country.’
    • ‘I was not told that there was any fire risk on the job that I had been given on the hot wire cutting machine.’
    • ‘If there was any such fire risk, they had no means of knowing that it existed.’
    • ‘Halogen desk and floor lamps are fire risks; replace them with more efficient, cooler-burning fluorescent lamps.’
    • ‘The basin tap only produced boiling water from a roaring gas-fired boiler which looked like a fire risk.’
    • ‘Allowing more logging that thins out the national forests will both yield valuable resources and reduce fire risks.’