Meaning of fire salamander in English:

fire salamander


  • A robust short-tailed nocturnal salamander that has black skin with bright red, orange, and yellow markings, native to upland forests of Europe, north-western Africa, and south-western Asia.

    Salamandra salamandra, family Salamandridae

    ‘Everyone stopped to form wide circles around several fire salamanders that crossed our path.’
    • ‘Fire Salamanders have a scattered and discontinuous range over large areas of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia.’
    • ‘The skin of the fire salamander takes in both air and water.’
    • ‘The beautiful fire salamander, with its black body that is covered with reddish-orange or yellow uneven spots, is an amazing sight to see.’
    • ‘These brilliant colors are a warning to other animals that the fire salamander is not palatable.’