Meaning of fire service in English:

fire service


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  • An organization responsible for preventing and fighting fires.

    ‘If I'm asked my opinion about the cuts being made to the fire service in London I'm going to give a frank answer.’
    • ‘A hero who smashed his way into a burning house to rescue his elderly neighbour has been commended by the fire service.’
    • ‘The cause of the blaze is still being investigated but the fire service believes a faulty television could be to blame.’
    • ‘What we need is a fire service for the 21st century, one that is more flexible.’
    • ‘Petrol had been poured through the letterbox, said a spokesman for the fire service, and was then set alight.’
    • ‘She said the fire service had also encouraged all schools in Swindon and Wiltshire to fit sprinkler systems.’
    • ‘The school's staff and pupils had gone home for the holidays and an automatic fire alarm alerted the fire service.’
    • ‘The road is very narrow and at teatime when cars are parked the fire service or ambulance would have no chance of getting down.’
    • ‘The public in Bolton - and the rest of Greater Manchester - had a fire service to be proud of.’
    • ‘It was also an area identified by the fire service as a hot spot for fire-related incidents and nuisance calls.’
    • ‘Both were rescued by the fire service and suffered only minor injuries.’
    • ‘The fire service said today it had responded to about 30 flood watch calls yesterday and last night.’
    • ‘The dramatic move looked set to break the deadlocked pay row and end months of industrial unrest in the fire service.’
    • ‘The fire service will continue to try to find the source of the blaze.’
    • ‘He said the aftermath of the cloud of thick, acrid smoke had forced the fire service to issue public health advice.’
    • ‘What is really at stake, he and other firefighters argue, is the future of a professional fire service.’
    • ‘The three workers got off the boat and went ashore to tell their safety officer, who then called the fire service.’
    • ‘Hoax calls to the fire service have been flooding in from call boxes on a Manchester estate at the rate of one a week.’
    • ‘The fire service and police can also make objections to the applications.’
    • ‘His father was forced to quit the fire service after an injury at work and became a lollipop man.’