Meaning of fire stick in English:

fire stick


  • 1A flaming baton used in juggling.

    ‘there were people walking on stilts and juggling with fire sticks’
    • ‘As they juggle pins and fire sticks, do cartwheels and backflips energetically, the kids look less desperate than exhausted by their routine.’
    • ‘I missed the workshops on hitchhiking and do-it-yourself event production, and I may not have another chance to learn how to twirl fire sticks.’
    • ‘Performance artists include stilt walkers and fire-stick throwers, with dancers and drummers attracting crowds from miles around.’
    • ‘Ben was twirling fire sticks.’
    • ‘Each night one of the performers does a trick where he runs a fire stick up and down his arm really slowly without burning himself.’
  • 2Australian A smouldering stick carried for use in lighting fires, especially by Aboriginal people.

    ‘he put some grass under the wood and applied the fire stick to it’
    • ‘The agricultural contractor was the fella with the fire stick and as he explains there was both reason and planning to his actions.’
    • ‘In this work, rendered in natural ochres and pigments, she shows the monthly ritual of burning a fire stick and holding it up to the new moon.’
    • ‘We use the branches to make our woomeras, and some of the straight branches for fire sticks and spears.’
    • ‘The South Australian Museum has returned a set of fire sticks to the Warumungu people of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.’
    • ‘Bamboo Didjeridus are traditionally hollowed out with a fire stick or hot coals.’
    • ‘Colonists were quick to adopt the Aboriginal use of the fire-stick to manage the grasslands more effectively.’