Meaning of firefighting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəˌfʌɪtɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or process of extinguishing fires, as a person's job.

    ‘Rooms on the second floor of the museum show different aspects of firefighting or fire prevention.’
    • ‘A session in firefighting was also held with many of the seminar attendees performing well.’
    • ‘Firefighting was therefore at the top of the pecking order of Forest Service job prestige.’
    • ‘This is certainly true of firefighting on naval vessels.’
    • ‘Primarily designed for firefighting, Beriev also produces a passenger version.’
    • ‘Firefighting is a brotherhood that exists nowhere else in our society.’
    • ‘The full resources were now readily available and offensive firefighting began.’
    • ‘In the early 1980s I was injured and I wasn't fit enough to go back to firefighting.’
    • ‘They provide or control such essential services as water, electricity, policing, and firefighting.’
    • ‘And, once he gets elected, he promises to make a new study of Montreal firefighting and a fire prevention campaign.’
    • ‘The fabric is ideal for uniforms and apparel for occupations such as firefighting.’
    • ‘And with its inherent risks, firefighting is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted.’
    • ‘Accidents are an unavoidable by-product of firefighting.’
    • ‘And the strong winds are making firefighting difficult.’
    • ‘The fundamental of good use of aircraft for firefighting is to dispatch early and keep the fire from spreading.’
    • ‘We were carrying out aggressive firefighting last night but are now monitoring the position there.’
    • ‘The focus of the unit's recent annual training was structural firefighting.’
    • ‘Firefighting in the present round of fires is costing about $15 million a day.’
    • ‘He said, "In 28 years of firefighting I've never seen anything like it."’
    • ‘Long hours are dangerous in any industry, and especially so in firefighting.’
  • 2(in business) the practice of dealing with problems as they arise rather than planning strategically to avoid them.

    ‘Mr Catterall said the staff were firefighting the whole time; unsurprisingly the Ward was not a popular one.’
    • ‘But business owners who use agencies on an ongoing basis are often left constantly firefighting.’
    • ‘At the moment we are just constantly firefighting.’
    • ‘Sometimes I feel the business has developed purely through firefighting the problem at hand.’
    • ‘My day to day job involves dealing with customers and general firefighting and troubleshooting!’
    • ‘You should see them in Edinburgh, we spend most of the time firefighting their stress levels.’