Meaning of firelock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəlɒk/


  • A musket in which the priming is ignited by sparks.

    ‘The flintlock reigned supreme as a system throughout the 18th century and flintlock muskets, also referred to as ‘firelocks ', were the infantry's principal weapons in most European nations.’
    • ‘Recover and cock, as before directed for the center rank, and, as the firelock is brought to the recover, step briskly to the right: a full pace, at the same time placing the left heel about six inches before the point of the right foot.’
    • ‘When the New Hampshire troops arrived, Pepperrell found it necessary that they all be ‘Taught How to Use the firelock.’’
    • ‘He has hunted extensively with his period guns, and finds the added challenge of hunting with a firelock adds zest to his hunting like tossing red chili into the stew pot.’
    • ‘Percussion pistols came in all shapes and sizes and, like their firelock predecessors, included large and small caliber, smooth and rifled bore.’