Meaning of firepit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəpɪt/


  • A pit dug into the ground or made from stones, in which a fire for cooking food is made.

    ‘Soon we had a lively fire burning in the fire pit.’
    • ‘Her body was found last week buried in a backyard fire pit in North Carolina.’
    • ‘At the center is a two-foot spot, also in red elm, symbolically indicating where a fire pit would be.’
    • ‘We headed down the hallway to the large, octagonal room with the firepit in the middle.’
    • ‘The space opened up onto a large octagonal room with a firepit, surrounded with cushions.’
    • ‘He looked over toward where the women worked over the fire pits.’
    • ‘In the center of the Great Hall was a huge firepit.’
    • ‘I then cooked about a third of the chicken, barbeque style over the fire pit in the cooking hut.’
    • ‘Then I spied him putting brush into the fire pit.’
    • ‘This morning Rainman spotted a hawk on the wood pile by the firepit.’
    • ‘The researchers used radiocarbon dating on 22 pieces of microscopic charcoal found among Neandertal tools in fire pits in Gorham Cave.’
    • ‘Groups may wish to use two different cauldrons or fire pits.’
    • ‘I read someplace about a neolithic site in a cave somewhere with a lot of charred hemp seeds found in the fire pit.’
    • ‘A ring of boulders surrounds a large fire pit.’
    • ‘In the summer months, people tend to stake out fire pits early in the day.’
    • ‘Large metal or concrete containers can also be converted into permanent firepits fueled by logs or gas.’
    • ‘The reception began under towering oak trees strung with lights, next to a fire pit.’
    • ‘In the early period the pots were fired in a covered fire pit called a clamp.’
    • ‘Around the interior of the temple is a low stone bench; there is a fire-pit in the centre of the floor.’
    • ‘There was a group of people sitting in a circle in the backyard by the fire-pit.’