Meaning of fireweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfʌɪəwiːd/


mass noun
  • A plant that springs up on burnt land, especially the rosebay willowherb.

    ‘Seeds dispersed by wind fell on the soil leading to the appearance of hardy plants like fireweed and lupine.’
    • ‘He waved a hand at the rutted, cratered fields, now overgrown with grass and great crimson drifts of poppies and fireweed.’
    • ‘He strode toward her, brushing past vivid magenta blooms of fireweed and purple geranium.’
    • ‘Ask where to pick juicy, ripe berries in late August, when the scarlet blaze of fireweed has bloomed to the top of its hot-pink stalk, signaling the short growing season is coming to a close.’
    • ‘We are going a roundabout way to the village via a quiet length of top road and track and then an abandoned rail line of cinder trackbed ablaze with fireweed.’