Meaning of first-degree in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfəːstdɪˈɡriː/


  • 1Medicine
    Denoting burns that affect only the surface of the skin and cause reddening.

    ‘The corpsman said that a small third-degree burn might be difficult to recognize if it is located in an area of second- or even first-degree burn skin damage.’
    • ‘Thin or superficial burns (also called first-degree burns) are red and painful.’
    • ‘Scarring from first-degree burns and light second-degree burns may disappear within a few months.’
    • ‘Second- and third-degree burns both require professional medical attention, as do first-degree burns if they occur over a large part of the body.’
    • ‘More than once he has ended up with first-degree burns.’
  • 2mainly North American Law
    Denoting the most serious category of a crime, especially murder.

    ‘he was convicted of first-degree murder’
    • ‘He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.’
    • ‘Pennsylvania was the first U.S. state to abolish capital punishment for all crimes except first-degree murder.’
    • ‘I decided to present this case through a Broward County grand jury and they indicted him for first-degree murder as an adult.’
    • ‘Now he awaits trial for first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery.’
    • ‘Let's face it, everybody understands premeditated, first-degree murder.’