Meaning of first aid officer in English:

first aid officer


  • A person trained to give basic medical help and nominated to administer this as required in an organization or at a public event.

    ‘first aid officers take care of those who have collapsed from exhaustion’
    • ‘I am forced to call one of the first aid officers for help.’
    • ‘Sabah is a first aid officer.’
    • ‘The union contends that management had not provided trained first-aid officers or first-aid boxes at the site.’
    • ‘The First Aid Officer is responsible for the coordination of Club First Aid services and maintenance of equipment.’
    • ‘The school has an appointed First Aid Officer who is responsible for overseeing the organisation of first aid within the school.’
    • ‘She is a trained first aid officer.’
    • ‘As a general rule, persons designated as first aid officers will need to have undertaken training leading to a Senior First Aid certificate.’
    • ‘The appointment of qualified first aid officers will ensure that anyone on our premises will have access to first aid assistance should an injury or illness occur.’
    • ‘All areas should have first aid officers available to treat any minor injuries that occur.’
    • ‘First aid officers are required to complete a recognised first aid course, which needs to be updated every 12 months.’