Meaning of first and foremost in English:

first and foremost

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  • Most importantly; more than anything else.

    ‘he considered himself first and foremost a writer’
    • ‘Since then he has never looked back although he does consider himself to be a Carlow man first and foremost.’
    • ‘Like everything else Shaker, things had, first and foremost, to be practical.’
    • ‘Cathedrals are, first and foremost, places of worship and are recognised as places of great beauty.’
    • ‘Any preconceptions of worthiness are soon put to rest: first and foremost, this is a road movie.’
    • ‘While she was a singer first and foremost, Tucker is loathe to choose between her two loves.’
    • ‘We are police officers first and foremost, and that is our responsibility.’
    • ‘I am not a great charity giver, I, like most people, need to protect my family first and foremost.’
    • ‘Cinema is, first and foremost, the projection of a cultural identity which comes to life on the screen.’
    • ‘It was, first and foremost, an exercise in politics rather than sound economic management.’
    • ‘It was an act, first and foremost, of solidarity with the victims and of empathy with their families.’