Meaning of first blood in English:

first blood


  • 1The first shedding of blood, especially in a boxing match or formerly in duelling with swords.

    ‘After the first blood was shed at Edgehill, however, in October 1642, people quickly lost their appetite for further conflict.’
    • ‘Jimmy had shed his first blood that night, and had also acquired a nice gash across his nose to commemorate it by.’
    • ‘The other's sword slid between Nottingham's ribs, drawing first blood and causing burning agony.’
    • ‘Without giving them a chance, Adam reached for his sword and drew it for the first time, achieving first blood.’
    • ‘Marcus's eyes lit up with surprise, I am guessing this was the first time in a duel that he did not get first blood.’
    • ‘But the metal would not stay clean for very long, as both swords seemed to ache for first blood.’
    • ‘You may well have drawn first blood on my brother, but you'll not be doing that to me!’
    • ‘The third struck Rift across the forehead - not deep enough of a cut to do any main damage but the point was that Raymond had drawn first blood.’
    • ‘Ok normal rules apply; fight stops at the call of mercy or the first blood drawn.’
    • ‘The object was first blood, not death or dismemberment.’
  • 2The first point or advantage gained in a contest.

    ‘King drew first blood when he took the opening set’
    • ‘Yet as both defences struggled to contain their respective opponents, the Germans drew first blood thanks to a magnificent 50-yard field goal which was well worth four points.’
    • ‘Still, experience and age matter in the tricky business of grass-court tennis and, sure enough, he drew first blood by breaking his opponent to take a 3-1 lead.’
    • ‘Hawks began looking bright and drew first blood with a penalty in six minutes.’
    • ‘Cork almost drew first blood after eight minutes.’
    • ‘The Wesmen drew first blood by opening up the scoring.’
    • ‘Gala looking the more composed in the opening skirmishes and drew first blood with a penalty goal for an offside offence.’
    • ‘Yet in the 28th minute, it was they who drew first blood.’
    • ‘Starting the livelier, it came as no surprise when the Hamlet drew first blood after just nine minutes with a well-worked goal of the highest order.’
    • ‘A protest group drew first blood in the fight to win people's opinions when an energy company showed its onshore wind farm proposals for the local area.’
    • ‘The visitors drew first blood after just four minutes when their stand-off slotted a penalty.’