Meaning of first finger in English:

first finger


  • The finger next to the thumb; the forefinger; the index finger.

    • ‘They should be knit with one finger, to allow free use of the first finger and thumb.’
    • ‘In the past few weeks I've noticed more and more tattoos on people's hands, between their thumb and first fingers.’
    • ‘He also described the fist with the thumb clenching the first finger as similar to how many people clench the bo (wooden staff).’
    • ‘He also has ‘distinctive’ tattoos on his arms, chest, back and a tattoo of a swallow on his left arm and has a noticeable web between his thumb and first finger on his left hand.’
    • ‘Now, hold the top spoon between your thumb and your first finger.’
    • ‘As if this reminded him of his true purpose, Galen reached over with his hand, releasing hers, and gently touched his first finger to the middle of her forehead.’
    • ‘He's just leaning back, looking preoccupied chewing on the nail of his first finger.’
    • ‘Dad sighed, and did the typical old-man thing where he rubs his forehead with his thumb and first finger, with a frown like the world is on his shoulders.’
    • ‘He crouched down and took to the table, changing his fingering so that the cue rested between his thumb and first finger.’
    • ‘Extend your first finger down along the base of the blade.’
    • ‘Drag your first finger down the side of the frame closest to the doors and they open.’
    • ‘When the tip of her first finger touched it, a sharp note sang through her ears.’
    • ‘By placing your first finger on that spot you can feel its movement when you open and close your jaw.’
    • ‘I twist the wick between my thumb and first finger.’
    • ‘Apply gentle but firm pressure between your thumb and first finger.’
    • ‘To achieve the ideal position, the left thumb should be placed down the right hand side of the golf club grip to create a V-shape between the thumb and first finger.’
    • ‘Lift the strand away from the head at a 90-degree angle using your thumb and first finger.’
    • ‘The patient could move his thumb and first finger slightly.’
    • ‘Do you know about the acupuncture point between your thumb and first finger, where if you apply pressure it will lift a headache?’
    • ‘Applying firm pressure to the space between first finger and thumb with the opposite thumb and forefinger for a few minutes, or applying pressure to the temples with your fingers might decrease pain.’


first finger