Meaning of first four ships in English:

first four ships

plural noun

historical New Zealand
  • the first four shipsThe ships that brought the first body of settlers from Britain to New Zealand in 1850.

    ‘he traces his family lines back to the first four ships’
    • ‘The passenger lists of the first four ships are recorded in stone in Cathedral Square.’
    • ‘He arrived in Lyttelton Harbour in January, 1851, while the first four ships of the Canterbury settlement were still at anchor.’
    • ‘The village name came from one of the first four ships that arrived in 1850 transporting workers who built Christchurch.’
    • ‘It's tough luck if it turns out he's descended from people on the first four ships.’
    • ‘Auckland, he points out, had not celebrated first settlers like the Wakefield brothers of Wellington, the first four ships of Christchurch's Anglican gentry or the Scottish Free Kirk settlers of Dunedin.’
    • ‘This mother of seven was widowed just after arrival in one of the First Four Ships, and supported the family by opening a small drapery business.’
    • ‘He does not like the people who came on the first four ships, so he is to redistribute those rights to the people.’
    • ‘He was a pioneer who came to Canterbury in 1950, sailing on the George Seymour, one of the first four ships to bring organised settlement to the area.’
    • ‘What this bill will do is allow, for the first time ever, for competing applications for a limited resource to be considered on their respective merits, rather than simply dished out to the first people to apply - probably hot off the first four ships.’
    • ‘The phenomenon of the Overseas Experience is an inherent part of Kiwi culture and this has created a demand for the predominant "first four ships" Anglo-Celtic culture to take off the blinkers and experience what other cultures have to offer.’