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first fruits

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plural noun

  • 1The first agricultural produce of a season, especially when given as an offering to God.

    ‘The offering of first fruits, for example, represents a unique rite of gratitude for the Lord's bounty that finds no parallel in the whole of the Christian Scriptures.’
    • ‘The Feast of the first fruits was a harvest festival.’
    • ‘In the days when the Temple still stood in Jerusalem, the sixth of Sivan was the time when pilgrims brought offerings of the first fruits of their harvest, the seven species for which the Land of Israel is praised.’
    • ‘These are used to build a sacred enclosure where the first fruits of the season will be consumed by the king or leader.’
    • ‘The first ritual during the agriculture season takes place when the first fruits are harvested.’
    • ‘Paul uses an image from the Jewish cult of offering a portion of the first fruits to God, and argues that, if that small portion which is offered is holy, then that larger portion whence it came must also be holy.’
    • ‘Let us let children teach us to give first fruits, not just leftovers.’
    • ‘Shavuot is also considered an agricultural celebration, as it celebrates the festival of the first fruits when wheat is harvested.’
    • ‘It argues that God has unconditionally elected Israel and the church to be the first fruits of God's promise to bless all humankind in that redemptive seed of Abraham that is Israel and above all, Christians believe, Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Elements of traditional culture, such as competitive feasting and the harvest of first fruits, have been incorporated into church calendars.’
    • ‘Though the Celts saw this sabbath as the beginning of their autumn to day we enjoy this festival as the waning summer in which the first fruits of the harvest are readily available.’
    • ‘You've left out the first fruits of the harvest, or your bowl of milk, or what have you - now what?’
    • ‘When a man is digging the first fruits of his yam crop he sings: ‘May the mena of the tuwia give the people much food’.’
    • ‘Kwanzaa means first fruits of the harvest, in Swahili, the East African trade language.’
    • ‘Under the mellow rays of evening sun the kids played tig tag in the hay, while the parents tried the first fruits of the harvest and discussed the community centre they were building with the money raised from the event.’
    • ‘Shavuot, the gateway to summer, festival of first fruits, is associated with the revelation of Torah to the Jewish people.’
    sacrifice, oblation, burnt offering, peace offering, thank-offering, immolation, libation, first fruits, tribute, dedication
    1. 1.1The initial results of an enterprise or endeavour.
      ‘the first fruits of the companies' collaboration’
      • ‘These will be the first US troops to march on to former Soviet soil since the end of the Second World War and they represent the first fruits of the diplomatic initiative to bring Russia into Washington's orbit.’
      • ‘Juliet Fleming's richly suggestive study of Graffiti and the Writing Arts of Early Modern England was one of the first fruits of that initiative; Books and Readers in Early Modern England is another.’
      • ‘The season presents the first fruits of the new writers-in-residence programme, with four new plays - including two specially commissioned for the Finborough Theatre.’
      • ‘Her impressive indoor season suggested the first fruits of a new training regime.’
      • ‘Supporters of the tax cut insist that the rebates are just the first fruits of a program to send money back to the people who know better how to spend it than do the folks in Washington.’
      • ‘The first fruits of the movement were witnessed in the village of Connor.’
      • ‘Having received the first fruits of their salvation, they yearned for its fulfillment.’
      • ‘The movement began in the eighteenth century, but its first fruits were only reaped in the nineteenth century in the movement that became known as the arithmetization of analysis.’
      • ‘The engravings of Adam and Eve and the Nativity, both of 1504, are the first fruits of these investigations.’
      • ‘It's all about taking a break, assessing your situation, and reaping the first fruits of your hard work.’
      • ‘This paper presents the first fruits of a very ambitious project to map gene expression onto the anatomy of the mouse brain.’
    2. 1.2 historical A payment to a superior by the new holder of an office.
      • ‘He had already moved against the clergy with accusations of praemunire and in 1532 forbade the payment of Annates or first fruits to Rome.’