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first night

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  • The first public performance of a play or show.

    ‘tickets for the first night sold out fast’
    as modifier ‘some of the numbers appeared to be under-rehearsed, but maybe they were suffering first-night nerves’
    • ‘Occasional first-night glitches were far outweighed by the spirit of the acting.’
    • ‘We were invited to the first-night party, but were both tired.’
    • ‘The adult first-night audience of Peter Pan, told to clap if they believed in fairies, applauded thunderously: it was the birth of modern escapist entertainment.’
    • ‘Certainly the first-night audience was taken by surprise, excited to uproar by the violent rhythms of Stravinsky's music and Nijinsky's choreography.’
    • ‘Yet 99 percent of the first-night audience, drunk on bravura, stood up and screamed its delight.’
    • ‘I can also say that the terrifically funny Pythonesque sequences had the first-night audience hooting and gasping.’
    • ‘The first-night audience kept applauding after the house lights came up, and there can be few greater compliments.’
    • ‘The opera was hugely popular with its first-night audience.’
    • ‘The first-night crowd erupted as expected, but a conductor's success cannot be measured in decibels of applause.’
    • ‘The young and the beautiful are out in force at the first-night party.’
    • ‘Bailey's first-night performance was wonderful, though unevenly paced, picking up speed and hilarity with an elaborate riff about the Holy Trinity.’
    • ‘The play begins a five-night run at the Hawk's Well Theatre tonight at 8pm and while first-night nerves might be par-for-the-course, so is a quality production full of vibrant energy.’
    • ‘There were perhaps inevitably some first-night nerves last night, but these were overcome by an excellent display of team spirit.’
    • ‘The first people in the theatre, they walked out - but after the first night, there were lines around the theatre, they sold out the mezzanine.’
    • ‘On stage, Solti grew so excited that he rang BBC bosses and begged them to attend the first night.’
    • ‘On the first night of this run, the Royal Ballet reached its 750th performance of Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Opera House.’
    • ‘I was there at the premiere and it was the first time I knew I'd been present at the creation of a masterwork - although I'd been at the first night of Peter Grimes too!’
    • ‘I usually have a "feeling" of how a first night will go - and this time I was not mistaken in it.’
    • ‘We had a record breaking 57 curtain calls on the first night.’
    opening ceremony, official opening, launch, initiation, inauguration, institution, foundation, establishment, setting up, formation, constitution, opening night, premiere, first night, first showing


first night