Meaning of first reading in English:

first reading

Pronunciation /ˌfəːstˈ riːdɪŋ/


  • The first of a number of occasions, typically three, on which a bill must be formally presented to a legislative assembly before it becomes law.

    ‘We are therefore very happy to support this bill through its first reading to the select committee stage.’
    • ‘The Education Act should be ready for a first reading in the legislative assembly by February 2006.’
    • ‘The bill has passed the first reading in the Legislature and will be forwarded for further review next month.’
    • ‘If this bill gets past the first reading the Commerce Committee should revisit the submission process.’
    • ‘We supported the bill in its first reading, and during the select committee stage we had some concerns, as we often do with legislation.’
    • ‘The Green Party will be supporting the Oaths Modernisation Bill at its first reading so that it can be referred to a select committee.’
    • ‘United Future is happy to support this bill at its first reading, and its referral to a select committee for further examination.’
    • ‘This bill had its first reading, and was then referred to the select committee, in February 2003.’
    • ‘The Government does have the support to introduce this bill and have a first reading on it.’
    • ‘The support that Government members are giving this bill at its first reading is welcomed by the National Party, and by the Opposition.’
    • ‘I hope every member of Parliament will support this bill on its first reading.’
    • ‘The issue is that this Parliament will give a bill a first reading - no more, no less.’
    • ‘The National Party will support the first reading of this bill.’
    • ‘I think it has become quite clear during my speech that the Government will be opposing the first reading of this bill.’
    • ‘Parliament approved the first reading of two bills revising the Local Taxes and Fees Act.’
    • ‘I am happy to rise to support the first reading of the Securities Legislation Bill.’
    • ‘Next week it is intended that the House will concentrate on the first readings of bills on the Order Paper.’
    • ‘By virtue of the bill receiving its first reading on 14 December last year, it had to be introduced into Parliament before that.’
    • ‘We will be supporting this bill through its first reading.’
    • ‘That event will overshadow the first reading of this bill.’