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first sergeant


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  • (in the US Army or Marine Corps) the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer in a company or equivalent unit.

    ‘We assembled drill sergeants, company commanders, and first sergeants and executed leader training on each aspect of the warrior challenge.’
    • ‘Conditions are further complicated by unit commanders and first sergeants not being full-time and by all having to get caught up during weekend training.’
    • ‘All command sergeants major, first sergeants and first line leaders of each command are responsible for the program.’
    • ‘Battalion commanders and command sergeants major, as well as company commanders and first sergeants, are absolutely capable of evaluating their soldiers.’
    • ‘Three to five platoons form a company, which is commanded by a captain with a first sergeant as the commander's principal Non Commissioned Officer assistant.’
    • ‘We did not have any combat arms soldiers to conduct our convoys, except for the first sergeant, executive officer, and commander.’
    • ‘The first sergeant and the company commander should do a joint reconnaissance and assessment of the viability of the site.’
    • ‘As the battalion attempted to overcome its challenges, battery commanders and first sergeants had some of their own.’
    • ‘As a body, our platoon sergeants and first sergeants are so talented, proficient and self-confident that, more than ever, new lieutenants can be intimidated.’
    • ‘The team, made up of one major, four captains, one lieutenant, one first sergeant, and three sergeants first class, began the arduous task of preparing the foreign soldiers for combat.’
    • ‘Commanders and first sergeants, you have to be firm when it comes to making platoons and squads rehearse their battle drills.’
    • ‘We were short of personnel such as commanders, first sergeants, supply, nuclear, biological and chemical, etc.… and equipment to operate these sections.’
    • ‘Commanders and first sergeants used several methods to overcome this problem.’
    • ‘It was family ties that prompted Erica, a technical sergeant, and her husband, Kevin, a master sergeant and first sergeant, to place Grand Forks at the top of their dream sheet.’
    • ‘Speak with your unit commander and first sergeant.’
    • ‘The company first sergeant is executing logistics functions, but may also be reporting on a company shaping effort.’
    • ‘He was the acting first sergeant for the postal platoon at Camp Able Sentry and said this was his second deployment.’
    • ‘Her gaining unit was notified, and the first sergeant arranged to have her transported the rest of the way.’
    • ‘I know commanders, supervisors, and first sergeants are actively working to prevent mishaps.’
    • ‘They interfere with experienced convoy, platoon, squad leaders and first sergeants.’