Meaning of fiscal envelope in English:

fiscal envelope


New Zealand
  • the fiscal envelopeA limit imposed by the government on the total value of Maori land claims to be settled under the Treaty of Waitangi.

    ‘communities were angry at the fiscal envelope the government had announced’
    • ‘That figure of $1.5 billion is more than the fiscal envelope, the capped Treaty of Waitangi putea still existing today.’
    • ‘Worse, that fiscal envelope remains in place now.’
    • ‘It means that the fiscal envelope set by the National Government some 15 years ago has still not been exceeded.’
    • ‘Although the fiscal envelope proposals were rejected, the framework was adopted, which did include a series of six principles.’
    • ‘The Government is required to act within this fiscal envelope.’
    • ‘We are about to be treated to a new policy, called the fiscal envelope policy, that will undoubtedly be presented by the National Party at the next election.’
    • ‘The unity of the 1990 s Maori Congress opposing the Fiscal Envelope declined when Tainui and Ngai Tahu decided to settle with the Crown.’
    • ‘I have to say that the $1 billion fiscal envelope was not the most popular decision that any Government could come up with.’
    • ‘A similar process of explanation and negotiation was followed in meetings held between recent National Governments and iwi when discussing treaty settlements and the subsequently abandoned fiscal envelope proposal.’
    • ‘The objective has been to settle historical grievances in a timely fashion, but we recognise that we should not try to hurry this process artificially, as the fiscal envelope process attempted to do.’