Meaning of fiscally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪsk(ə)li/


  • 1In a way that relates to government revenue, especially taxes.

    ‘I wouldn't call any of our party leaders fiscally conservative’
    • ‘The Labor Party government at last forced Canberra to be free and fiscally more self-reliant in 1987.’
    • ‘The straitjacket imposed by the pact prevents many of the major European governments from fiscally stimulating their economies.’
    • ‘Finding a fair allocation of risk between young and old is essential for making these programs politically and fiscally viable.’
    • ‘You would think that a party claiming to be fiscally conservative would endorse this type of analysis.’
    • ‘I have paid close attention as a US senator to ensure that the government is fiscally responsible and accountable to American taxpayers.’
    • ‘The biggest problem we have fiscally facing the country today is this huge debt bomb created as a result of ever more government spending.’
    • ‘It's a centrist, conservative, you know, fiscally conservative body that is very concerned about the so-called extremist wing.’
    • ‘As the country's fastest-growing city, we have the need for both major investment in infrastructure and finding fiscally responsible ways for this to be delivered.’
    • ‘Squeezing disproportionate amounts of public spending out of the regions will leave the country fiscally unbalanced.’
    • ‘Carbon taxation should be fiscally neutral, and not a revenue-raising measure for the exchequer.’
    1. 1.1North American In a way that relates to financial matters.
      ‘one of the nation's most fiscally challenged states’
      • ‘Encourage commitment by holding vendors fiscally accountable.’
      • ‘Excellent companies are among the most fiscally sound of all.’
      • ‘Diversity efforts are fiscally crucial for NASCAR's continued growth.’
      • ‘The industry is getting more and more fiscally ill as the hype about how great movies are doing gets louder and louder.’
      • ‘He should stick to his high-quality brand and product to keep him fiscally happy and emotionally satisfied.’
      • ‘He claims corporate America is becoming more fiscally responsible, more thoughtful, about what they're doing.’
      • ‘Don't be afraid to mention that you're a fiscally challenged dancer before asking the seller for the price.’
      • ‘I really feel that as long as we're fiscally responsible and hold up our end, this bank will be 100 percent behind our growth efforts.’
      • ‘Chemically preventing senescence by directly applying cytokinin hasn't been successful and is not fiscally feasible for the industry.’
      • ‘Needless to say, I run a fiscally unsuccessful website as well, so I don't have any money to give the lousy creep.’