Meaning of fish and chips in English:

fish and chips


mass noun
  • A dish of fried fish fillets served with chips.

    ‘Stroll along the beach, climb the small hill on the front and then reward yourself with the great fish and chips served in the village.’
    • ‘Along the way we passed someone eating fish and chips and my decision was made: No cordon-bleu or haute cuisine for me.’
    • ‘One lucky voter will also win free fish and chips for a year.’
    • ‘I still had time to spare and so I pulled into the town hall carpark for a comfort call and smelled the tempting aroma of fresh fish and chips.’
    • ‘And finally, it makes you appreciate how amazing fish and chips can taste!’
    • ‘And, he says, he's ordered fish and chips at some of London's finest restaurants.’
    • ‘Local cafes took pity on the crowd and delivered fish and chips and coffees ‘on the house’.’
    • ‘We also make great fish and chips up here, with the amazing produce we have, which they just can't do elsewhere.’
    • ‘It was a cute seaside place that boasted the best fish and chips in all of California.’
    • ‘Anyone who knows me will know of my waistline-busting love of traditional British fish and chips.’
    • ‘It was simple fish and chips with mushy peas, but of a superior quality with excellent cod in a crisp and light batter.’
    • ‘I remember us eating fish and chips from the van that sold them outside the pub.’
    • ‘After a mere sniff of some fish and chips and a quick gulp of coffee, he is off again to another appointment.’
    • ‘So, still on a bit of a food theme, I want to tell you about probably the best fish and chips in the world.’
    • ‘It is not the sort of place for a long lingering meal, but is rather the place to go when you are down at the beach and just feel like some fish and chips.’
    • ‘She said it was the best fish and chips she had ever tasted.’
    • ‘Still we went out and got the best fish and chips I've ever tasted.’
    • ‘It's OK to have the occasional chocolate bar and crisps but you shouldn't have fish and chips every night.’
    • ‘I tried to eat fish and chips a few times and I wouldn't have it again.’
    • ‘The chefs were therefore taken through 50 dishes on the day, everything from fish and chips, to a Sunday roast.’