Meaning of fish food in English:

fish food


mass noun
  • Ground dried fish or plant matter used as feed for fish.

    ‘I'd bought some fish food to feed the carp’
    • ‘Encouragement of aquaculture permits the depletion of wild fish stocks used for fish food.’
    • ‘Among the developments being proposed by the ministry is the establishment of a fish food factory.’
    • ‘Go to the grocery store for fish food.’
    • ‘I sprinkle the flaky fish food into the aquarium.’
    • ‘My heart was pounding, but the idea that I might become fish food had not penetrated my mind.’
    • ‘But just before becoming fish food, one of my parents guided me back to safety.’
    • ‘I dropped a few of the fish food pellets into the water.’
    • ‘Flakes of fish food swelled and bobbed on the water's surface.’
    • ‘Commercial fish food is designed to offer a nutrient-rich and balanced diet.’
    • ‘Kids can buy a bag of fish food and watch as a stock-tank erupts into a feeding frenzy.’