Meaning of fish restaurant in English:

fish restaurant

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  • A restaurant which specializes in serving dishes prepared with fish.

    ‘the fish restaurants on the far left of the port are the best’
    • ‘Southampton and the Isle of Wight have a wealth of places to eat, including many speciality fish restaurants.’
    • ‘Worth a try are the fish restaurants that proliferate on the island.’
    • ‘Check out Praia da Luz's fabulous fish restaurants.’
    • ‘I used to dine with my family at the excellent fish restaurants in the neighbouring city.’
    • ‘His family runs a fish restaurant just outside one of the coastal cities here.’
    • ‘We ate at an Indian fish restaurant.’
    • ‘They took us out for a nice meal at a fish restaurant.’
    • ‘I had lunch at an attractive seaside fish restaurant.’
    • ‘We found a lovely little fish restaurant and sat down for lunch.’
    • ‘Last night we went to dinner at an excellent fish restaurant down on the Bosphorous.’
    • ‘Where better to dine out than at this fine fish restaurant.’
    • ‘On Saturday we went to the Captain Cook Fish Restaurant.’