Meaning of fish tank in English:

fish tank

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  • A transparent container of water in which live fish and other water creatures and plants are kept; an aquarium.

    ‘keep indoor fish tanks out of direct sunlight’
    • ‘Diners can even choose their own lobster from the restaurant's fish tank.’
    • ‘The upstairs lounge has a fish tank centerpiece with enormous fish in it.’
    • ‘Please help me stabilize and clarify my fish tank.’
    • ‘You kind of feel as if you're in a fish tank.’
    • ‘Another reason to get a larger fish tank: it's easier to keep the water chemistry balanced.’
    • ‘Yassey walks over to the fish tank and looks at the colorful fish.’
    • ‘I've always quite liked fish tanks in restaurants.’
    • ‘Wear gloves when cleaning bird cages or fish tanks, and avoid contact with reptiles and exotic pets.’
    • ‘The walls were pine and there were fish tanks along one wall.’
    • ‘Saltwater fish tanks are very expensive.’
    • ‘Keeping a fish tank is a wonderful and relaxing hobby.’
    • ‘Bolton Aquarium has set up the fish tank to resemble the natural habitat, and once the fish settle in, it is hoped breeding will take place.’
    • ‘The tropical fish tank was immaculate - the fish were well fed and it was clean.’