Meaning of fishcake in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪʃkeɪk/

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  • A patty of shredded fish and mashed potato, typically coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried.

    ‘Teamed with potatoes it makes excellent fishcakes, a lovely soup or a warming supper dish.’
    • ‘Crabmeat is great in pasta dishes, fishcakes and soups.’
    • ‘Other dishes ranged from salmon fishcakes and steak, to red mullet and Spring risotto.’
    • ‘Is there not more scope for dishes like fishcakes and seafood stews where fish is thriftily combined with cheap decent ingredients?’
    • ‘One used to get very simple things such as meat pies and fishcakes and things of that kind.’
    • ‘To date they have made paella, pasta bake, and fishcakes.’
    • ‘It is this basic shape that lies behind the transference of the name to other, completely different foods, such as fishcakes, pancakes, and potato cakes.’
    • ‘I chose the Thai fishcakes and mango salad, which were delicious and had a great chilli kick.’
    • ‘The lunch menu is fishy and wholesome: crab soup, crab and Gruyère tartlet, crispy salmon and dill fishcakes are popular.’
    • ‘This was the first time Ann could remember fishcakes in batter.’
    • ‘A long-time fan of this particular culinary partnership, I had a go at making light, crisp, potato-free fishcakes and putting them on the table with a jar of the dill and mustard sauce.’
    • ‘I make these little golden fishcakes as a change from the more traditional haddock version, usually in the winter when smoky flavours seem particularly appropriate.’
    • ‘I've tried making her fishcakes, and grand they were.’
    • ‘Freia, a trained chef, also makes delicious food like fishcakes.’
    • ‘For example the Thai fishcakes are medallions of sole and prawn mousse, blended in red curry paste with cucumber dressing.’
    • ‘I started off with the Thai fishcakes with sweet chilli sauce, and was very pleasantly surprised.’
    • ‘He came back with chips, a fishcake and a battered sausage.’
    • ‘One little girl said she didn't like tuna but when we made tuna fishcakes I persuaded her to try it and she ended up loving it.’
    • ‘His recipes - such as chicken pie, fishcakes and pavlova - really work well and the book is perfect for Christmas stockings.’
    • ‘I've put together a dish of salmon fishcakes, but brought in some Scandinavian flavours that marry well with smoked fish.’