Meaning of fisherman's knot in English:

fisherman's knot


  • A knot used to join two small ropes by tying an overhand knot in the end of each around the opposite standing part.

    ‘Something clicked in my mind, and I imagined a figure eight knot with fisherman's knot backing in that rope.’
    • ‘To keep the foot in the footbed I used 1/4 ‘shock cord threaded around the footbed and tied together with a fisherman's knot.’’
    • ‘If you are to tie your own corded hexes use a double fisherman's knot, unless you are using spectra where you need to tie a triple fisherman's knot.’
    • ‘Use your prussic loop, a loop of 6mm perlon cord tied with a double fisherman's knot, about a foot long.’
    • ‘The standard in the US is 130 lb test line in one loop with a fisherman's knot.’