Meaning of fishery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪʃ(ə)ri/

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nounplural noun fisheries

  • 1A place where fish are reared for commercial purposes.

    ‘Although some stream fed commercial fisheries do contain natural fish, the fast majority are artificially stocked.’
    • ‘The bluefin trevallies have commercial value for fisheries and for game fishing as well.’
    • ‘So much for fish in commercial fisheries being in poor condition!’
    • ‘Federal fisheries officials were committed to the restoration of the commercial fishery by rebuilding stocks of lake trout until natural regeneration took place.’
    • ‘The phenomenon has been most obvious at carp-dominated venues, as most commercial fisheries are.’
    • ‘Ottawa meanwhile has ironically responded to weakness in cod stocks by promoting a commercial fishery for rock crab, which is the preferred prey of lobsters and is necessary for lobster maturation.’
    • ‘It would require a person applying for one of the new licenses sign an affidavit stating the applicant intends to derive the majority of their livelihood from the commercial fishery.’
    • ‘I wonder just what kind of conservation message it sends to the international community that New Zealand is bringing endangered species within its commercial fishery.’
    • ‘Protecting hagfish populations during potential reproductive periods may allow them to recover from the pressures of a commercial fishery.’
    • ‘There is a commercial fishery for longnose gar in Arkansas though.’
    • ‘A commercial fishery opened in 1916 and lasted until 1935, when the bass was granted protection as a sport fish.’
    • ‘The blue pike once made up about 50% of the commercial fishery on Lake Erie.’
    • ‘Recreational fishermen say the quality of fishing has been never better off the East Coast and are concerned that allowing a commercial fishery to be developed will ruin their sport.’
    • ‘And the commercial fishery is heavily regulated by state biologists who determine when and where the fish can be taken.’
    • ‘The new park will require the closure of a commercial fishery that is one of the poor nation's economic mainstays.’
    • ‘For many years there was a commercial fishery for basking sharks, as their liver oil in particular is highly prized.’
    • ‘Some commercial fisheries do this to make up for the lack of anglers bait during the colder months so that growth rates are maintained.’
    • ‘Besides, the lodge in question is too deep; commercial fisheries are often far more shallow than this.’
    • ‘Most owners of commercial fisheries insist on the highest standards of fish-care these days.’
    • ‘Farmed salmon currently feed on a diet of pellets made from processed fish caught in large-scale industrial fisheries.’
    1. 1.1A fishing ground or area where fish are caught.
      ‘There is no catch and release allowed at the fishery and fishing must cease once the limit is reached.’
      • ‘None of this will be good for the fish, the fishery, or the fishing communities of Nova Scotia.’
      • ‘Accomplished anglers can move to the heart of the action in the Savage River, a tailwater fishery and catch-and-release trophy area.’
      • ‘In the crab fishery, it was catches up but prices down.’
      • ‘It owns a fishery and fishing lakes, water skiing, sailing lakes, golf, tennis and a health and fitness club.’
      • ‘In the scallop fishery, catches have been good but the prices paid to fishermen are very low.’
      • ‘It still is hard to understand that no salmon have yet been caught at the fishery so far this season.’
      • ‘There is no doubt in my mind that having some anglers on a fishery can make the fishing easier.’
      • ‘Timing the trip can be critical, especially in areas with seasonal fisheries.’
      • ‘It was one of the first fisheries to practice catch and release.’
      • ‘Lobster can live as long as 70 years, but the lobster caught by the inshore fishery are generally 5 to 20 years old.’
      • ‘The present rate of expansion of deep sea fisheries though gives us very little time to act.’
      • ‘As the ship tore through the defenseless nurseries, its propellers caught the fishery ropes and dragged the nurseries in its wake.’
      • ‘Pairs of vessels patrol the fishery with large trawl nets slung between them that catch everything in their path.’
      • ‘A good few fish remained in the fishery, and the total catch for the week was 14.’
      • ‘About 500 salmon are caught every year at the fishery where a day's fishing can still yield fantastic results.’
      • ‘Talking to locals on the fishery there is no shortage of coarse fishing in the area.’
      • ‘Anyone wishing to take part should contact the fishery for a chance to catch a tagged fish worth £1000.’
      • ‘I first fished this fishery when on holiday in Falmouth.’
      • ‘Conservationists are planning to build an artificial reef to bring a once-prolific in-shore fishery wiped out by trawlers back to life.’
    2. 1.2mass noun The occupation or industry of catching or rearing fish.
      ‘The Government argued today that shutting down Australia's profitable tuna fishery and export industry would be reckless.’
      • ‘The provisions of the act do not apply to state aids extended to agriculture, fishery or the defence industry.’
      • ‘The village is typical of many of those on the west coast: a small community struggling against declining fishery.’
      • ‘The meeting was told that most of the nets being stored were bought during the tuna fishing years but that fishery is now all but gone as far as the local fleet is concerned.’
      • ‘And it is hoped that, once the current objective has been achieved, it will create the necessary political pressure for the Irish government to take steps to phase out their own drift net fishery.’
      • ‘In addition, various governments have sought to improve agro-industry and fishery production, but success has been limited.’
      • ‘The value of fish and fishery commodities export earnings in 2003 is in excess of 27% of total export earnings.’
      • ‘It expands the data collected to represent all farmer and fishery cooperatives and publishes preliminary findings.’
      • ‘The fact that whaling is now the most closely scrutinised marine fishery in the world is a further guarantee to sceptics that the mistakes of industrial whaling will never be repeated.’
      • ‘He said that fish and fishery products were important commodities in the region as a source of high quality protein, employment and income.’