Meaning of fishing boat in English:

fishing boat

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  • A boat used in catching fish for food.

    ‘gulls are attracted to fishing boats’
    • ‘Occasional lights in the distance are small fishing boats at work.’
    • ‘It was a small converted fishing boat with a little diesel engine.’
    • ‘A few survivors were rescued by Indonesian fishing boats twenty hours later.’
    • ‘It was an ancient, wooden fishing boat.’
    • ‘It is understood that the fishing boat was seized in the same area.’
    • ‘We prepared to fly fishery-protection patrol around the northwest side, looking for illegal fishing boats.’
    • ‘He now works as a charter fishing boat captain.’
    • ‘The next year he started working as a deckhand on a fishing boat.’
    • ‘Those who want more activity can charter a deep-sea fishing boat, with a chance to bring home dinner.’
    • ‘He thought his number was up when his fishing boat capsized and his life jacket was swept away.’
    • ‘Scottish fishing boats took the survivors and possessions to Anstruther in Fife.’
    • ‘Farther along the wharf we find a small fleet of fishing boats bobbing in a slick of diesel.’